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University of Southern California University Affiliated Program Center for Child Development and Developmental Disabilities Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

“Developmental Disabilities, More Than Just Medicine, You Make the Difference” Multimedia Continuing Education Training for Physicians in California

“Developmental Disabilities, More Than Just Medicine, You Make the Difference,” is a CD-ROM designed to offer guidance for primary care physicians in early identification and preventive care using a multidisciplinary team approach in serving persons with developmental disabilities across the life span. Physicians will earn Continuing Medical Education units by completing this program from their home or office.

Goal: To improve the quality of, and access to, preventive, primary and specialty medical care for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Proposed Project Outcomes:

  • One comprehensive, multiple topic, portable, accessible, convenient format, educational training package for medical providers.
  • Increase in the number of families receiving primary health care in their home communities.
  • Early identification and appropriate treatment of serious illnesses.
  • Increased access of community-based services that support the safety, health and well-being of individuals with disabilities.
  • Increased comfort level of health care providers in serving individuals with disabilities.

This project is supported in part by Grant #MCJ-069145 from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (Title V, Social Security Act) HRSA/DHHS, and Grant #90DD0318 from the Administration on Development Disabilities ACF/DHHS. Funded by: The California Department of Developmental Services Cycle XXI, Grant #HD989063